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The Betourne Group offers a wide array of Real Estate Services

  • Acquisition & Disposition
  • Cash Flow Equities A Multi-Family Syndication Company
  • Commercial Financing

Acquisitions & Dispositions

Our seasoned Acquisitions team is able to quickly identify and accelerate the purchase of a multi-family asset as well as large portfolios with a track record of closing most transactions within 45-60 days. Once a property has been acquired, a comprehensive hold vs. disposition strategy is formulated and executed upon. Years of experience and advanced knowledge of the markets we serve enable us to acquire and dispose of properties in a timely manner.

Cash Flow Equities A Multi-Family Syndication

Cash Flow Equities focuses on Calif. Coastal non-rent-controlled markets. In these geographic markets the focus is strictly on B and C assets, A assets being newer projects with extremely high rents often in mainly urban core areas renting to millennial’s. Most purchases are class C buildings that have been owned long term by mom and pop type individuals. These 50’s,60’s, 70’s and 80’s projects are very well located as the original developers had their pick of the prime locations. Additionally, density of units back then was extremely low, and these projects have a lot of open space with pleasant landscaping. Unlike multi-story concrete jungles built today. Also, earlier construction featured much larger units with larger bedrooms etc. Again, unlike micro units being built today. The common denominator of all assets of this type purchased today by Cash Flow Equities is that nothing has been done to them since they were built. Thus, an upscale renovation of these assets creates an arguably more appealing environment than even a new project for a family with children. Cash Flow Equities focuses on acquiring well located class C assets and thru extensive exterior and interior renovations transforms them into class B assets.

(Class B and C differ in that C tenants can barely make rent each month i.e no margin for error. Class B on the other hand are lifelong renters but they do have significant discretionary income and they appreciate a pristine renovated complex and will pay significantly higher rent for this lifestyle upgrade) The Key to the Class B & C assets in these Calif. Coastal markets are the barriers to entry.

First rents would have to increase 300% to justify new construction; second homeowners in these markets do not want more apts in their neighborhood; and lastly there is almost zero land anywhere in these dense coastal markets zoned for multi-family construction. In Gordon’s opinion these smaller existing apt complexes are irreplaceable assets. All complexes’ are 100% full except for turnover and in the future the majority of increase in population will be living in apartments not purchasing homes

Commercial Financing

We have the ability to provide the best market knowledge in investment properties and capital markets to flawlessly execute even the most difficult financing situations.  For more information call (949) 202-6265

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